Ecommerce Email Marketing:

Strategy, Tactics and the 4 Classic Mistakes you Might be Making Right Now that are Hurting your Traffic AND Sales

This is an email marketing 1-2 combo that covers both strategy AND tactics.

In the first two episodes of the Ecommerce Marketing and Optimization podcast, I talk with John McIntyre (aka The Autoresponder Guy) from

In episode one we dive into ecommerce email marketing strategy.

When working with new clients that have established ecommerce businesses, I almost always look at email marketing first for a couple of reasons:

1. Because it’s almost a completely free marketing channel AND at the same time when done right can be one of the most effective marketing channels

2. Most ecommerce businesses are doing it poorly or simply not…so in other words, its high impact low hanging fruit

In episode two we dig into email marketing tactics and is an episode we first recorded for John's podcast.

Listen and Learn:

  • why email marketing is so important and so powerful
  • some types of email marketing emails you may not have thought of
  • a simple trick to remove friction from your sales process
  • why most of the advice around abandoned cart emails on the internet is wrong and why it might actually be scaring people off because you come off as pushy or needy
  • why offering discounts may actually hurt your conversion rate and how to use them strategically
  • a simple trick I call “the best friend rule" that will make writing emails like your abandoned cart email and order followup email easy!
  • some simple ways to improve the copy on your product pages to boost your conversion rate

Typically, email marketing should be generating a substantial chunk of your revenue and if it’s not then you’ll probably get some really easy big $ wins from this audio.


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